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Creating things is a very enjoyable process and at times… it can be a very frustrating one too. So what makes creatives get out of the bed in the morning? What situations are in place to ensure they can continue to be innovative and fresh? Where does the creativity come from in the first place?

Some may argue that it comes from a higher power/a connection to an ethereal being(s). Some say the ability to create comes from their dreams and/or through hours of meditation. Others think creativity comes from life experiences and problems to be solved. I propose that all of the above are true, solo or used in conjunction with one another. What works for one individual may not work at all for others.

So how can I be more creative?

For starters, it helps to have more than one place from which to work. Getting out of the office/house and going to the park, coffee shop, library, a beach can open up senses that can become stagnant due to constantly being in the same environment. Simply get out and see more of the world to refresh your creative skills.

Another useful technique is to see a need and then fill it. Problem solving often opens new doors we had never seen before. Look at the situation from different angles; think outside the box; place yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to think the way they would (What would Dory do?). By adjusting an outlook on situations can allow one to truly see how best to accomplish one’s goals. Never be afraid to peer into the looking glass.

Try picking up a book, see what others have done in your situation. Or continue what you are doing here and check out a blog or two. There is much to learn from what others have gone through. What succeeded for them or failed? What other challenges arose that they did not foresee before they accepted the challenge in the first place? Why try and reinvent the bowl, let others keep down frustrations and pitfalls for you.

Other methods of boosting creativity

Find a way to relax – Breathe. Close your eyes. Maybe take a nap. Take a walk. Go for a swim. Go hiking. Bottom line, get to a place within yourself to be calm and at peace with your surroundings. You should feel more refreshed before going back to work on a project.

Open up your imagination – Again, close your eyes but this time visualize your favorite scene/situation. Notice the feel, the colors, the textures of your created environment. What can you smell? What can you hear? Notice any tastes in your mouth? By opening your imagination, you are allowing for your mind to let in new combinations that you were previously unaware of.

Live in the moment – Most artists (and even athletes) will tell you, when creating (or in a game) there are no thoughts, no planning. That is why we practice/make sketches and notes. That way, we leave ourselves open to truly embrace our environment and live truly free in it. Thinking through things while attempting to create final products will only stagnate the artist/athlete.

It is always best to live free in the moment to capture everything that moment has to honestly offer you.

Grab a pencil and start to draw – This may seem mundane and too simple, you’ve made plenty of sketches in the past to become an artist in the first place. But that’s the key to the exercise. Drawing forces you to see things differently especially if you are not drawing what you normally draw on a daily basis.

Attempt to do something every day that scares you – Or at least do something that makes you slightly uncomfortable. These experiences will assist in making you more comfortable when others around you are spazzing out. It will remind you that you can handle anything life throws at you.

Keep a notebook nearby at all times – This one is very simple and important. Never miss an opportunity because you did not have a way to jot it down so you can remember it. Many great ideas are a flash in the pan and must be captured immediately or else be lost to the universe for eternity (or better yet, given to someone else to accomplish it).

Stay open – All ideas are good ideas. Do not close yourself off from thoughts you think are stupid or useless. You never know where those dumb things can take you and it encourages more creative ideas to surface from within you

Love what you’re doing

If you do not love what you do, none of the above matters any way.

What do you do to be more creative?


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