Talle in the studio

A visionary, born in Kara, Togo West Africa, and a painter who can best be described as an artist with more than a canvas, Talle Bamazi has a story; and a mission which is to engulf society in the ways of the West.  He set out to show the world that Africa means more than violence. It has a soul and a purpose. He uses his gift of the brush to educate, instruct, and give people a sense that the past is worth studying; for the past dictates the future.Talle Bamazi

Arriving in New York in 1995, with absolutely no understanding of the English language he embarked upon what was the most challenging adventure of his life. His quest for knowledge led him to the New York Student Art League, where he educated himself on American culture in order to infiltrate his vision into a world full of cultural differences. 


He continued his education at the New York Academy of Art and graduated with Masters.  This endeavor fueled the desire to take his goal of cultural harmony to a wider audience by using a gallery as a way for his vision to prosper. Talle Bamazi brought the vision to life by creating a gallery where African and African American artists can display their souls through art.

He achieved this goal in Columbus, Ohio in 2003 in founding KIACA Gallery to function as a place of culture – a place where the past can be preserved.  His artwork shows the passion of his beloved Africa. You will see in his paintings a history, a soul, a time that once had been forgotten now is being told and remembered.  He has chosen to use the many obstacles in his life and his passion for African culture as the inspiration for his art. Yes, to tell the story of his beloved land, the motherland, the land that has experienced suffering, pain, loss, and triumph is his mission. Today Talle Bamazi continues his quest to realize, expand and even surpass his artistic vision.

Solo Exhibitions

2018 King Art Complex,Columbus,OH
2010 KIACA Gallery Columbus, OH
2009 KIACA Gallery Columbus, OH
2008 Columbus Museum of art, Columbus, OH
2006 Gallery les Beaux arts, Columbus, OH
2005 City of Columbus Hall, Columbus, OH
2004 KIACA Gallery, Columbus, OH
2003 KIACA Gallery, Columbus, OH
2003 Welancora Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2002 Karma at 1st Avenue, New York, NY
2001 The Brech Forum Gallery, New York, NY
2000 Federal Plaza, New York, NY
1997 The Brech Forum Gallery, New York, NY
1994 Goethe Institute, Lome, Togo West Africa

Selected Group Shows and Exhibitions

2017 King Art Complex, Columbus OH
2013 King Art Complex, Columbus OH
2009 The Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, IL
2008 Alley Fine art /framing, Springboro, OH
2007 King Art Complex, Columbus, OH
2007 City of Upper Arlington Hall, Upper Arlington, OH
2007 A.C.E. Show at Columbus Cultural Arts Center Columbus, OH
2006 Hopkins Hall Gallery Corridor Ohio State University (visiting Artist.), Columbus, OH
2006 Gallerie les Beaux Arts Columbus, OH
2005 KIACA Gallery Columbus, OH
2005 The Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, OH
2004 Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OH
2004 Fort Hayes Short Tower Gallery, Columbus, OH
2004 Wendy’s International, Inc., Columbus, OH
2004 King Art Complex, Columbus, OH
2004 KIACA Gallery, Columbus, OH
2003 African Museum of Art, the Inc Village of Hempstead, NY
2002 New York Academy of Art, New York City, NY
2001 Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art, Brooklyn, NY
2000 Columbia University, New York City, NY
2000 African Museum of Art, the Inc Village of Hempstead, NY
1999 Bloom Gallery, New York, NY
1998 Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, NY
1998 The T-Tus Gallery, Oceanside, NY
1998 New World Art Center, New York City, NY
1997 New Century Artist, New York City, NY
1996 Sona Gallery, New York City, NY
1995 Lucien Crump Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1994 Goethe Institute, Lome, Togo West Africa
1994 French Cultural Center, Lome, Togo West Africa
1994 Congress Palace, Lome, Togo West Africa
1993 Goethe Institute, Lome, Togo West Africa
1993 French Cultural Center, Lome, Togo West Africa
1992 Congress Palace, Lome, Togo West Africa

Televised Art Shows

2011 D2 Media Group, LLC Reynoldsburg, OH
2010 Good News, Time Warner Cable Channel 23
2008 Good News, Time Warner Cable Channel 23
2006 Good News, Time Warner Cable Channel 23
2005 City Hall News Time Warner Cable Channel 2, Columbus, OH
2004 ABC Channel 4, Columbus, OH
1998 Public Access, Channel 69, New York, NY
1995 Art & Culture, Togolese Television, Togo, West Africa

Publications & Conferences

– Monarch Magazine, Washington, DC
– D2 Media Group, LLC Reynoldsburg, OH
– Greater Columbus Travel host magazine, Columbus, OH
– The Conscious voice magazine, Columbus, OH
– C-BUS Magazine, Columbus, OH
– 2007 Director’s Dialogue on Art and Social Change: Race Matters at Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH- Variations, Columbus, OH-  2006 lecture on contemporary art at Wexner Center for the Art.   Sponsor by OSU, Columbus, OH
– The Other Paper, Columbus, OH
– Bridgeman Art Library, NY, London and France
– African Weekender, Columbus, OH
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